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Frame for Alcohol Burning Triple Kawasaki.

Top Fuel Harley in the shop ready to go racing. This Fueler has been rode by some of the best names in the world like, Steve Drake, Happy Ring, and Doc Savage. All design and fabrication work for the heads, motor, frame, body, and fuel system are by AZ. Note the motor and heads, which were hand-built by Alan and Bill Zonker.

Joe Kopps Dirt Tracker, built when he was the Grand National Champion by Alan Zonker.

Joe Kopps XR-750 Dirt Track frame just off the jig, with mono shock suspension and 4130 tubing.

Chuck Cerny's Desperado Top Fuel Harley, currently on the National Tour 2003. AZ did a lot of fabrications and finishing touches on this bike.

Desperado Racing out of Tucson, Arizona. They were here for five weeks in my parking lot.

This is my 1968 Harley Davidson Sportster that I hand built when I was 18 years old. This bike has made major magazines and is still ahead of its time. I ran from the police on this bike, and when the chase was over I was looking at the end of a shotgun.

2003 Honda CBR IIOO, complete modifications by Zonker Cycles.